Rules and Regulations

Age Limit

Participants must be at least 16 years of age. All participants under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian signature for participation

“Age” is the runner’s age on race day


There will be a mass start.


Passing can be difficult on single track. We urge caution as well as courtesy for the runner being passed as well as the rider passing. If a runner wants to pass you, you generally know it. So don’t be a jerk. Just scoot over and let them go by. Then you can chase them down and ride them until they let you pass.

Rules & Etiquette – Rule #1) Don’t be a jerk! Rule #2-100) Refer to Rule #1
Cutting Corners- Not allowed. DON’T DO IT!! If it happens and you are reported, you will receive an DQ

Results Protest

Results must be protested prior to awards being given. If you have a beef with your time, feel free to bring it up with the timing peeps


There are a number of locations to camp locally. Please reach out and we can help you if needed.


If you love your dog, great! If you love to run with your dog great! Just don’t do it during this race. You family members are welcome to bring the dog to love you up at the finish, but runners are not allowed to have a dog accompany them on course. Exceptions may be made if you require a seeing eye dog while trail running.


We like to run with music too.. However, with this many runners on the trail, there is a good chance someone is going to need to pass you. You may use headphones, but we ask that you keep the volume low enough that you can hear others around you, or run with only one side in.